Hey Sweet Thang – Tales from the Table

More than a decade ago I thought I might be able to get a module or two published for DnD. I set to craft an idea for an adventure which would involve several fights with a single massive green dragon and a fanatical band of lizardmen worshipers. Basically the dragon invaded a remote, forested section […]

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Dice Boxes

Several years ago I was playing in a DnD game set, in part, on the High Seas. My character was a barbarian named Siresh Al’Shefi who, despite being kept in a box and used as a weapon of first resort during boarding parties, ended up being quite a philosophical character. After securing his own ship […]

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Cards Against Humanity Review

Cards Against Humanity (CAH) is a non-collectible card game by publisher, Cards Against Humanity LLC. The recommended age is seventeen and up, and I suggest this remain the case as the subject matter is often quite “blue”. The suggested number of players is four to twenty or more, and honestly in my experience the more the merrier. Finally the box suggests a game will last thirty to ninety minutes. I’ve never been involved in a game that didn’t go on (delightfully) for hours. Generally my friends and I exhaust all the cards in the deck with people often joining and rarely leaving a game in progress.
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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Review

Premise The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is a non-collectible card game that condenses the role playing game (RPG) experience into a series of short card games. Players chose one of several characters, all of which are based on Paizo’s iconic characters for the Pathfinder campaign setting. Each character is represented by three cards, one token, one […]


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The Hanged Man

Below is a monster that I “created” for a 3.5 Edition DnD game that I ran in a custom campaign. The characters encountered the Hanged Man after approaching a ruined tower. They approached from the outside of the tower and could easily see the motionless form that hung inside the tower. The obviously dead creature […]

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